Mindful Living's 6 Session Smoking Cessation Program:

  • Incorporates stress relief and coping skills for you to improve your daily life
  • Helps you identify triggers that may lead to cravings and deflate them before they become a problem
  • Improves your motivation and commitment for change
  • Builds your self confidence
  • Helps you overcome past experiences that contributed to developing the smoking habit
  • Helps you develop new, healthier alternatives
  • Teaches you Emotion Free Tapping and Self Hypnosis so that you will have tools to prevent relapse

6 Session Program $375

If lozenges, nicotine patches, gum, and other methods haven't helped you quit smoking, don't give up! Now is the time for you to leave this habit behind, and hypnosis can help you change at the subconscious level so that your cravings will diminish. Research* suggests that hypnosis can be highly effective for smoking cessation. Although results vary, success rates up to 90% have been reported.

Mindful Living Hypnotherapy's 6 Session Program provides support, tools, and guidance on your journey to becoming a Non-Smoker. You will discover the roots of your habit and create a healing space for moving forward without cigarettes in your life. You will learn to cope with situations in your life that "trigger" your desire for a smoke - the coffee break, the visit with certain friends, the after dinner "finish". You will learn tools to use when a craving starts to take over.

You are an individual! Although listening to recordings can help, hypnotherapy is most likely to be successful when sessions are tailored to a client's specific situation. Whether you choose to quit "cold turkey" or gradually decrease your nicotine intake, it's time for change, and Julie will work with you to design your sessions just for you. Email for more information today!

"After 45 years of being held prisoner to cigarettes, I decided to quit. I enlisted Julie's help on Day One of my quitting date and am amazed at how hypnosis helped with my transition into becoming a nonsmoker." - D. G.

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