Hypnosis can help a Rider:

  • Perform Better on Tests
  • Hone Skills
  • Gain Confidence
  • Develop Focus
  • Overcome Performance Anxiety
  • Deeply Attune To Your Horse

Guided Imagery, visualization, and self-hypnosis refer to specific techniques used to help people mentally rehearse a desired experience. With the help of a skilled facilitator, you can use all of your senses to create a very real experience of having the desired outcome.

High performance athletes have used visualization for years, and many Olympic athletes are coached daily in pre-practice visualization where they imagine themselves engaged in their sport. Brain scans of these athletes show that during these guided visualizations, their brain fires neurons in the same sequence as if they were actually competing.

Visualization is not simply dreaming, it is actually creating new neural pathways in your brain and strengthening existing, positive patterns. When you listen to a recording, your mind imagines sights, sounds, and feelings associated with quality performance during a ride. Skills can be enhanced similar to physical practice when you repeatedly call up these images. "With mental rehearsal, minds and bodies become trained to actually perform the skill imagined." (Visualization Techniques and Sports Performance, E. Quinn, Health Sports Medicine, 2013)

Just as it works for basketball players and golfers, it also works for equestrians because your brain reacts to perceived experiences. Sherree Russell Ginger, conducting research at St. Mary's University College in Greater London found that "hypnosis is a very effective way of improving riding confidence and performance." (

Julie can work with you individually or you can listen to Mindful Living Hypnotherapy recordings produced specifically for use by equestrians wanting to improve their riding.

Julie has teamed up with her daughter, Kathryn to develop a series of Guided Imagery/Self Hypnosis recordings expressly designed to enhance the a Rider's performance. In college, Kathryn competed on the WSU Intercollegiate Dressage Team, competing several years at the Intercollegiate Dressage Association Nationals. She studied in Limerick, Ireland her Senior year to take advantage of their Equine Science Program. Kathryn earned her Bronze USDF medal in 2013 and is currently working towards her Silver. She has experience starting young horses, riding Grand Prix competition horses, and has an active lesson program for youth and adult riders at Cedar Meadows Farm in Snohomish, WA.

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Kathryn and Doublette

Kathryn and Doublette