About Hypnotherapy

A path in the woods

Where does your path lead? Hypnotherapy can move you in the right direction.

Hypnosis induces a natural state of altered consciousness that can produce extraordinary levels of deep relaxation of the mind, body, and emotions. With guidance from a skilled Hypnotherapist, you can access your own abilities and knowledge to help you grow to become the person you want to be.

The principles upon which Hypnotherapy is based are about accessing and utilizing the power of one's inner resources: Hypnotherapy helps people help themselves.

You will find yourself opening to new discoveries, new ways of doing things, healing from old scars, and making positive changes in your life without even thinking about it. In some ways, it may seem almost magical, however, there is no magic. Once you make the choice to really want a change in your life, hypnosis can help guide you there. Changes occur over time, and you may find yourself doing things in a new way, seeing things in a new light, and perhaps enjoying life more fully than you ever thought possible.

Our day-to-day rational thinking minds can get in the way and block us from our deeper selves that determine our behaviors. In a hypnotherapy session, general relaxation techniques combined with guided imagery and metaphor tailored to your particular needs and personality will take you beyond those blocks in your thinking mind to where change really can happen. Here, deep in your unconscious mind, new neural pathways develop. Each time you have the experience those pathways strengthen, and eventually, those new pathways become the easier way to go. Change occurs.

Indeed, it may seem magical as you discover life is better, and you can allow yourself the pleasure of a smile.